If you were required to appear in court, even if it was for something as small as a traffic violation, and you didn't show up when and where you were supposed to, it's a pretty safe bet that the judge issued a bench warrant for failure to appear.  Bench warrants are cataloged in a database accessible to local law enforcement, so if one of these was issued for you, you can and will be arrested whenever the police have reason to look up your name, even if you've been pulled over for a routine traffic stop.  If you're arrested when you've been pulled over on a public street or highway, your car gets towed and impounded as an added bonus, unless you've got somebody with you who can drive it home for you.  Lost wages, impound fees, and jail time—the hits just keep on coming.


The Law Office of Warren G. Freeman understands how difficult life can be when there is a bench warrant out for your arrest.  If you find out that you have a warrant, contact our office immediately so that we can remedy the situation and get your life back on track.