Vegas might be a party town where everybody comes to cut loose, but Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs is taken very seriously in Nevada. In many cases, stiff consequences are imposed.  DWI is synonymous with DUI in Nevada; if you are arrested for drunk driving, the charge is DUI.


Domestic Violence

Like DUI, domestic violence is taken very seriously in Nevada and can carry stiff consequences.  It doesn't just have to be violence between blood or marital relatives; slapping your girlfriend is domestic violence in Nevada.  And once the police become involved, somebody is usually hauled off to jail.  That means missing work and eating some of the worst food you'll ever have the misfortune of tasting.



The decision to get a divorce can make you feel as if your life has been turned upside down.  The person whom you fell in love with is now behaving like your worst enemy.  No individual is truly emotionally prepared for divorce because the spouses can become very petty and hateful. Party's are even less prepared for the length of time it can take to obtain a divorce, or the procedures and documents needed in litigation.  Divorce becomes even more complicated when children involved or if there are substantial assets that must be divided.


Child Support

On February 1, 2020, new child support laws went into effect.  The changes are extensive, and if you collect or pay child support, you will almost certainly be affected.


Child Custody

Child custody often is a very contentious part of family law, especially with parents who don't get along anymore.  Parents living apart usually have very different ideas from the other parent of how their children should be brought up.  When parents just can't come to an agreement, the courts are the only recourse, and navigating the family court system can be bewildering and time-consuming on one's own.


Bench Warrants

If you were required to appear in court, even if it was for something as small as a traffic violation, and you didn't show up when and where you were supposed to, it's a pretty safe bet that the judge issued a bench warrant for failure to appear.  Bench warrants are cataloged in a database accessible to local law enforcement, so if one of these was issued for you, you can and will be arrested whenever the police have reason to look up your name, even if you've been pulled over for a routine traffic stop.  If you're arrested when you've been pulled over on a public stree